Ebony Jones

A trafficking survivor, advocate & expecting mother ventures to discover what leads men to buy sex and how we can raise boys to end the cycle for the next generation.


Sex trafficking. It’s hard to even read or say the words. But it’s a topic more people need to understand if we’re going to make progress, and make it stop. So we want to tell a story; a small story that speaks to a bigger issue.  We also want to focus on demand, the part of the equation no one ever talks about. We want to know why and how we are raising boys who become the men that most often generate this demand.

Enter Ebony Jones. Ebony is a person that we were instantly drawn to because she tells her story so honestly and colorfully. She was trafficked into prostitution at the age of 19. In her words, “You don’t realize what has happened until you can’t get out.” Ebony is starting an organization called Beyond the Hustle which teaches boys how to respect, talk to and treat women, and give them tools to talk about their feelings of self-doubt, insecurity and the pressure to “be a man.” Ebony was the right person to help tell a small story that reflects on the bigger issue, and we decided to move forward with the film.

The film’s working title is Ebony Jones. The story will be about her journey to discover why men are buying sex and how we can raise boys to end trafficking. She will talk to others who have escaped, both prostitutes and pimps, recount her personal experience and attempt to confront her past and find a way to forgive—including her former pimp, customers, and her mother, who was a prostitute herself. This all happens as Ebony finds out that she is expecting a child, a girl—making her search for answers even more critical.

What we find interesting about Ebony’s approach is that she is not looking to blame or shame anyone, instead she is empathetic to what she calls a “brokenness” that has led men to become pimps and customers, and a lack of focus on the root causes. This is important for the film, as it will bring understanding and inclusiveness and will lead to healthy discussions to how we end trafficking.

We are deeply engaged in bringing this film to life and sharing it with audiences all over the world. We hope you will join us.